Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Issue

As I started my research on these Utility Trailers over 4 years ago I also came across these same trailers being used in Parade Float's.

The use of these trailers in Parade's is common practice.

The Problem is every locality has different standards and the same holds true with our State government.

These trailers are homemade and commercially made.

A Father in New Hampshire tried to get a local law enacted to use Railings on these Trailers
but guess what...........It failed........ He said back in 2001 "I hope that I will not have to come back and say I told you So"

Very little training is given to people who are driving these in Parades and Very Little
Inspections are used to look at the construction of these Utility Trailers.

I have been in contact with an OUTSPOKEN PERSON WHO LOST A CHILD from a homemade
trailer in a parade. It is my hope that this person is able and willing to join our effort.

If somebody else would like to take the lead in this effort We would be happy to have that person join us.

In the meantime I will be keeping track of these accidents as I have all along.

Here are some facts I have been able to gather and as money comes available to me I will
buy the articles.

Now these Parade Float accidents: I have these FACTS:
Here are the breakdowns of accidents with these trailers.
So you can see the based on my findings the accidents have increased.

What Are We going to do about this also?? If these Utility Trailer Manufactures have their way
NOTHING!!! They will spend money on lobby efforts to stop any regulation on these trailers.

But people are getting killed. Why???